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LEAD program participants tour DAEC  

LEAD program participants tour DAEC

LEAD group tours DAEC.


Several Corn Belt Power employees had the opportunity to tour Iowa’s only nuclear plant in February.
LEAD participants got a behind-the-scenes look at Duane Arnold Energy Center (DAEC) on Feb. 28. The day at DAEC included a presentation by John Schwertfeger, DAEC’s security manager. Participants also toured the highly-secured facility.

Sam Moore, one of Corn Belt Power’s accountants, said he learned things he never knew before.

“I did not know that there was a replica control room kept on site for training employees,” he said. “This room is an exact replica of the real control room in the plant, but can be put through simulations to make sure employees know how to respond to alerts. The tour was beneficial in learning about how some of our power is generated.”

What is LEAD?
To help develop leadership skills in its existing employees, Corn Belt Power established the Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD) program in 2018.

Working with Kathy Peterson of PeopleWorks, Inc., Corn Belt Power personnel developed a program outline that includes 360 assessments, guest speakers from each department, tours of Corn Belt Power facilities and trips to affiliated organizations’ headquarters.

Participants learn about topics such as setting goals, leading change, managing stress and dealing with difficult conversations. Those in the program attend sessions about cooperative financials, generating sources, electric rates and the cooperative business model.

The program is winding down and participants will graduate in late May.

LEAD program participants are Patrick Connor, plant manager; Brittany Dickey, development finance director; Matt Donald, journeyman electrician; Mike Finnegan, system electrical superintendent; Marena Fritzler, marketing director; Tyler Herrig, electronics technician; Sam Moore, accountant I; Jeremy Stattelman, transmission superintendent; and Josie Ubben, engineering and operations assistant.

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