Estherville Industrial Park

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General Info

Community:  Estherville
Industrial Park Name:  Estherville Industrial Park
Total Park Size:  31 Acres
Available Lots:  7 
Average Lot Size:  4.5 Acres
Zoning:  Heavy Industrial
Spec Building Info:
  • 30,000 square ft. available Spring 2005
  • 4.6 Acre Lot
  • 200' wide x 150' long x 24'
  • 1 - 14'x14' overhead door
  • 1 - 9'x9' dock door - capacity for 4 more
  • Exterior walls - Metal walls with accents


Distance to Rail:  
 Adjacent to park
Nearest 4 Lane Highway:   I-90
Distance to 4 Lane Highway:   20 miles
Nearest Commercial Airport:   Spencer Municipal Airport - 40 miles


Electric System Voltage:
 3-Phase, 7200/12,470 volt
Distance to Substation:  Within the park
Electric Supplier  Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative
Water Main Size within Park:  8"
Water Pressure:  35 psi
Sewer Main Size:  12"
Sewer Capacity:  1,800,000 gallons per day
Natural Gas Supplier:  Aquila


If interested in more information please contact:
Lyle Hevern, Estherville Chamber of Commerce