Corn Belt Power Generation & Transmission 



Corn Belt Power set its all-time-high peak load at 340 megawatts in November 2009. Due to its rural-based crop drying load, Corn Belt Power often sets its annual peak in the fall.

Corn Belt Power operates one unit that runs on natural gas or fuel oil. It also co-owns a natural gas combustion turbine generator. Corn Belt Power jointly owns three coal-fired power plants and one nuclear power plant.

Corn Belt Power sells all of its generation output to Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Bismarck, North Dakota. Then, as a Class A all supplemental requirements member of Basin Electric, Corn Belt Power buys from Basin Electric all of its power needs above its hydropower allocation and an original 50 megawatt contract with Basin.

To receive written information on the sources of power provided by Corn Belt Power Cooperative, including greenhouse gas emissions associated with each type of fuel used for generation, click here.


Corn Belt Power owns and operates more than 1,700 miles of high voltage transmission line and owns and services 149 distribution substations and 36 switching stations. More than 30 microwave towers provide instant communication to operate radio-controlled switches. The System Control Center is staffed 24 hours a day to monitor generation and transmission. Service crews are located at Humboldt headquarters, Hampton Service Center and Emmetsburg Service Center.

Generating sources owned by Corn Belt Power

Neal #4

(coal), Sioux City, Iowa - 75 megawatts

Wisdom Unit 1

(natural gas/fuel oil), Spencer, Iowa - 38 megawatts

Wisdom Unit 2

(natural gas/fuel oil), Spencer, Iowa - 40 megawatts

Walter Scott, Jr. Energy Center Unit 3

(coal), Council Bluffs, Iowa - 26 megawatts

Walter Scott, Jr. Energy Center Unit 4

(coal), Council Bluffs, Iowa - 45 megawatts:

Additional Generating Sources

Western Area Power Administration

(hydro), Missouri River dams - 27 megawatts

Webster City Combustion Turbine

(fuel oil), Webster City, Iowa - 25 megawatts 

Crosswind Energy

(wind), Ayrshire, Iowa - 21 megawatts

Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative

(wind), Superior and Lakota, Iowa - 21 megawatts