Fredericksburg East Side Industrial Park

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General Info

Community: Fredericksburg 
Industrial Park Name: Fredericksburg East Side Industrial Park 
  Located in a TIF district. 
Total Park Size: 30 Acres 
Available Lots: 5
Average Lot Size: 4 Acres 
Zoning: Light Industrial 
Spec Building Info: Available Building - 21,200 sq. ft. with 1,200 sq. ft. office. 24' peak - 20' side walls 


Distance to Rail:  
No Rail 
Nearest 4 Lane Highway:  US Hwy 63
Distance to 4 Lane Highway:  5 miles 
Nearest Commercial Airport:  Waterloo - 40 miles


Electric System Voltage:
7200 volts 
Distance to Substation: 3 miles - recently reconstructed line
Electric Supplier: Butler County REC 
Water Main Size within Park: 10" 
Water Pressure: 49 psi Static 
Sewer Main Size: 8" 
Sewer Capacity: 90,825,000 Gallons
Natural Gas Supplier: Aquila


If interested in more information please contact:
Rick Whalen, Butler REC